Mask of egg white for the face: discover secrets that you did not know!

Mask of egg white for the face: discover secrets that you did not know!

Egg is an affordable food item available to everyone in the refrigerator. Contains a huge amount of minerals, vitamins and chemical compounds. Such a rich composition makes it possible to use the egg not only as food, but also as a cosmetic product capable of overcoming many problems related to the skin, including anti-aging ones.

Egg contains two completely different in its composition and action of the ingredient - yolk and protein. The first has an emollient and moisturizing effect, so it is used for dry skin of the face. But the protein on the contrary, has a rough effect on the skin, tightens and dries it, so it is used to treat oily skin.

Today we will talk about how you can use egg white for the face at home, and what results can be achieved at the same time.

Use of protein at home

For masks use raw egg white. If you do not have time to prepare masks, you can simply whip the protein with a mixer, apply a lubricant to the face and wait for it to dry completely.

Such a seemingly ordinary mask simultaneously has several properties. It narrows and cleanses the pores, whitens and rejuvenates. But at the same time it dries very much the skin, so to mitigate its effects in the mask can add a few drops of vegetable or olive oil.

If there are pigment spots on the face or freckles, you can prepare a whitening face mask based on egg white. It is prepared from the following ingredients:

  • raw egg white - 1 pc.;
  • lemon juice - 1 tbsp.
  • juice of any berries of acidic varieties - 1 tbsp.

Face mask is applied in several layers. First, apply the first thin layer, after it is completely dry, one more. And so 3 - 5 layers. The mask is washed off with warm water.

The use of protein in the home

The same effect is possessed by fermented milk products( cottage cheese, curdled milk, sour cream, yogurt, cream, kefir, etc.).To prepare a whitening mask, you should mix any sour-milk product in the amount of two tablespoons with one egg white. The resulting composition should be applied with a brush and leave to act for a quarter of an hour.

Also egg white can be mixed with grated on a small grater with fresh cucumber. This mixture should not be applied to the skin for more than a quarter of an hour. This mask brightens the skin. Instead of a cucumber, you can use parsley or sorrel.

If you suffer from excessive fat content of the skin, then egg white for the face you can use, mixing it with a chemist's white clay. If, in addition to high fat content, the skin shows pimples or acne, you should use blue instead of white clay.

The mixture should be applied to the skin with a copious layer, after 20 minutes the face should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water. It is very important not to let the mask dry completely, as it will crack and damage the integrity of the skin. Therefore, the person should periodically sprinkle with water.

To enrich the skin with vitamins, you can mix the protein with the pulp of a green apple( the flesh should be rubbed on a fine grater).This mask should be kept on the face for 10 to 15 minutes, and it should be washed off with warm water, after which the skin should be lubricated with a nutritious cream.

If the skin is combined, you can use the following recipe. Take one egg white and combine it with olive oil( 1 tablespoon), honey( 1 tsp) and fatty cottage cheese( 1 tablespoon).Apply an even coat to the skin for 15 minutes.

Video with a recipe for an egg mask

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