Treatment of conjunctivitis - from pharmacy drugs to folk

Conjunctivitis - what is it and how to treat it.

Conjunctivitis - what it is and how to treat.

Inflammation, affecting the mucous membrane of the eye, was called conjunctivitis. The origin of this disease is associated with fungi, bacteria and harmful viruses penetrating into our visual organs. If you are faced with reddening of the eyelids and irritation, then you will probably be interested in such a question as treatment of conjunctivitis in adults.

Chlamydia and viruses that provoke ARI, measles, sore throat are especially dangerous. In adult patients, conjunctivitis occurs in a complicated form, so it will take longer to heal.

Table of Contents:

  1. Symptoms of
  2. Safety Precautions
  3. Classification and Treatment of
  4. Folk Remedies
  5. Eye Drops

Symptoms of

For conjunctivitis, there is a sharp onset in which eyeballs are affected alternately. It is a contagious disease that can be transmitted in close collective frames. Patients who were affected by conjunctivitis experience the following unpleasant sensations:

  • burning sensation;
  • feeling of a foreign body caught in the eye;
  • mucopurulent discharge;
  • itching.
Purulent discharge on the edges of the eyelids.

Purulent discharge on the edges of the eyelids.

Purulent discharge in adults accumulates in the following areas:

  • edge of the eyelids;
  • corners of the eye.

In this case, the eyelids are glued together and begin to wither, which is especially pronounced at night. Redness of the eyelids is called a conjunctiva. It is characterized by puffiness and roughness. If you look at the eyeball, you can see a red speck of irregular shape - a pinpoint hemorrhage. There are also injections.


Treat conjunctivitis at home to prevent contamination of others. Bedding, shawl and bed linen must be individual. The towel should be boiled daily and ironed. In this case, hands must be washed more often, and it is better not to rub eyes.

If the conjunctivitis is treated incorrectly or at all, the inflammation will transfer to the area of ​​the cornea. On the periphery of the shell, point infiltrators arise in this case. Usually they have a gray color.

Classification and treatment of

Adults have three types of ailment: viral, allergic and bacterial. The factors contributing to their manifestation differ significantly. Accordingly, and to treat these forms will have different ways.

  1. Viral conjunctivitis. At the heart of the lesion is a viral infection. Treatment involves strengthening immunity and fighting the underlying illness. Antibiotics are categorically contraindicated. Recommended antiviral drops( otalmoferon) or ointments( bonaffton, zoviraks), based on interferon. Also suitable immunomodulators.
  2. Allergic conjunctivitis. It can lead to an allergic reaction to all kinds of irritants. The catalyst can serve as medications, household chemicals, pollen, cosmetics. A sure sign of an allergic form is the defeat of both eyes. The puffiness of the eyelids comes to the fore. Doctors advise starting treatment with antiallergic drugs. If the mucosa is poorly affected, an acceptable solution is to exclude the irritant, cold compresses and artificial tears.
  3. Bacterial conjunctivitis. The provoking factor is bacteria( streptococci, staphylococci).Often in adults, treatment is made with ointments and drops, which include antibiotics. In addition, you need to get rid of purulent discharge. To this end, the pharmacy needs to buy an infusion of chamomile, which washed the eyes. Effective agents are also drops of albucid 30%( 15 rubles), levomycetin 0.25%( 6-10 rubles) or tetracycline ointment 1%( 33 rubles).The procedures are carried out at least 4 times during the day. Before burying the eyes, disinfect them. To do this, apply infusion of chamomile or usual strong tea.
Tetracycline ointment for the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis.

Tetracycline ointment for the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis.

In all these cases, hygiene rules are a prerequisite for a speedy recovery. Remember that drops prescribed by the doctor, which you need to address at the first symptoms of ailment.

If the disease is pneumococcal, the doctor can prescribe a solution of zinc sulfate or boric acid. The main goal of the treatment will be the formation of an unfavorable environment for the further reproduction of microorganisms. At night, antibacterial ointment is poured for the eyelids.

Bacteriological diagnosis is an important step in the selection of a therapeutic strategy. If up to this point the general methods of treatment have been applied, then after correct diagnosis of the initial cause of conjunctivitis, the actions are corrected. Against each type of microflora, a narrow group of drugs will be effective.

If eye patches are recommended for a moderate course of the disease, the situation changes radically in the case of acute conjunctivitis. Under the bandage conditions are created that favor the reproduction of harmful microflora. The accumulated secretions begin to irritate the eyelids and provoke new attacks of inflammation.

Folk remedies

For adults the most effective folk remedies are the following:

  • Oak bark. A decoction made from this substance helps to relieve inflammation, swelling and redness. After preparation, the liquid must be cooled. The decoction can not only wash the eyes, but also apply it as a lotion.
  • Chamomile broth. A third of the glass of this liquid is taken inside at least 4 times a day. Also, gummies and classic rinses work perfectly.
  • Cucumber juice. Has anti-inflammatory effect, relieves itching and redness. Used for washing and lotions.
  • Tea welding. Perhaps, the most accessible and simple preparation of those that you have at your fingertips. Sugar in the tea can not be added, and the infusion should be strong. To wash the eyes, a decoction is useful, and if there are tea bags at home, you can make lotions from them.
  • Aloe juice. Very effective remedy, which is bred in boiling water. The proportion is 1:10.The liquid is washed with eyes, and also lotions are made.
  • Infusion of the tea mushroom. Perhaps, the most universal drug of all listed. Is taken internally, rinsings and lotions are done.

Eye drops

Drops Tobrex will save your eyes from viruses.

Drops Tobrex will save your eyes from viruses.

Pharmacies provide the widest choice to those who want to be cured of conjunctivitis. With introductory purposes, we give some options with price ranges specified in rubles. Recall that without consulting an ophthalmologist, self-medication should not be dealt with.

For the viral variety:

  • Florenal( 280-290 rub).
  • "Floxal"( 205-215).
  • "Tobrex"( 200-205).
  • "Oftadec"( 20-25).

For allergic reactions:

  1. "Cortisone"( 670-680).
  2. "Claritin"( 180-240).
  3. "Lakrisifin"( 220-230).

Against bacteria:

  1. Potassium permanganate solution( conventional potassium permanganate, costs cheaply).
  2. "Gentamicin"( drops).The cost is 5-21 rubles.
  3. Eye drops "Floxal".The price is indicated above.

With intensive and thoughtful therapy with the disease, you can cope for 5-14 days. Do this under strict medical supervision.
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