Bleeding gums: causes and treatment

Bleeding gums The oral cavity is represented by complex anatomical formations. In the absence of the necessary care, no less complicated diseases are formed. The first signs of gum disease can be their bleeding. However, this condition does not always indicate the presence of a beginning illness.

Treatment of periodontal diseases is a long process, requiring patience of the doctor and, above all, the patient himself. Therefore, in order to avoid complicated and tedious medical procedures, first of all, elementary preventive measures must be observed.


  • 1 Causes bleeding periodontal tissues
    • 1.1 Poor oral hygiene
    • 1.2 dosage
    • 1.3 Lack of vitamins
    • 1.4 Blood Diseases
    • 1.5 dental procedures
  • 2 Treatment of bleeding gums
    • 2.1 Professional treatment
    • 2.2 Home Treatmentconditions
    • 2.3 Treating folk remedies
    • 2.4 Treatment of bleeding gums in pregnant women

Causes of bleeding periodontal tissues

Often the rigid bristles of a toothbrush help to injure the gums. But this does not mean that it is necessary to refuse brushing your teeth. To find the right brush is worth a visit to the dentist, who after the survey will give his recommendations.

Other causes of gingival hemorrhage may be:

Poor oral hygiene

If this occurs against the background of trauma to soft tissues, then the inflammatory process can not be avoided. Low-quality care provokes a sharp growth of pathogenic microorganisms at times. Constant accumulation of plaque contributes to the formation of calculus and the violation of blood circulation in the periodontium. As a result, the vascular wall suffers and bleeding occurs.

Taking medications

These include warfarin, aspirin, clopidogrel and other non-steroid drugs.

Lack of vitamins

In general, this is a deficiency of vitamin C, B, K. It is recommended to increase the intake of foods with these substances and eliminate diets where these vital elements can be limited.

Diseases of the blood

Although they are quite rare, but this reason nobody excludes. Such conditions include hemophilia, leukemia, thrombocytopenia.

Dental manipulations

Gum bleeding is often observed with the removal of the tooth, implant placement, improper manufacture of orthopedic structures and after professional teeth cleaning. However, if the blood goes more than 3-4 days, this is already considered a pathology. In this case, you need to see a doctor.

Clear causes of bleeding from periodontal tissues are such diseases as gingivitis and periodontitis( more about periodontal disease).

Treatment of bleeding gums

All medical procedures can be divided into three categories: treatment with folk remedies, professional therapy and manipulations for carrying out at home. Although the latter methods can include both traditional medicine and folk methods.

  1. Professional treatment

Naturally conducted in the dentist's office. All manipulations are performed only after a thorough examination and examination of the results of the analyzes. Of the professional therapeutic tools most commonly used:

  • thorough brushing of teeth and, above all, removal of calculus;
  • administration of medicines: frequent rinses with chlorhexidine solution and application of therapeutic gels( Holisal, Iruksol, Eludrilom);
  • physiotherapy procedures: darsonvalization, fluctuorization, drug electrophoresis, ultrasound, vacuum massage and hydromassage, UV and infrared irradiation;
  • selection of personal care products: toothpaste and brushes, rinses, training the use of flosses and various methods of cleaning teeth( especially with periodontal diseases: the method of Bass, Leonard, Charter - only after the course of treatment);
  • is recommended to visit the doctor 2 times a year, even if nothing hurts.
  1. Treatment at home

Even the doctor recommends some procedures to be carried out at home on their own. In addition, a special role in strengthening the gums is given to nutrition. It is necessary to consume foods containing the following vitamins:

  • vitamin C : contained in large quantities in citrus, red pepper, currant, parsley, fresh cabbage, tomatoes:
  • vitamin B : its high enough concentration is observed in apples, eggs, rice, beefand lamb, milk and rye flour;
  • vitamins K and E : found in bananas, soy, cucumbers and spinach, beans and corn, vegetable oil and bread. These components play a huge role in blood coagulability and wound healing;
  • is recommended for freshly squeezed carrot and beet juice. It should be eaten in the morning before breakfast. Beet juice is drunk 3 hours after it is squeezed out, to eliminate harmful compounds.

Natural products promote the best absorption of all vitamins and trace elements. In addition, their systematic consumption will help not only to eliminate bleeding gums, but also to strengthen the entire body as a whole.

With the expressed hemorrhagic syndrome of periodontal tissues, many dentists usually recommend a certain set of therapeutic effects at home:

  • application of therapeutic toothpastes: Parodontax, Lakalyut, Blancs;
  • tablets: Ascorutin for strengthening the vessels of the gum, Grammidine, Laripront, Hexalisis, Decamine as a bactericidal action;
  • antiseptic rinses: solutions of Furacilin, Chlorgexedin, Sprays Salvin, Chlorfillipt, Karsodil. These drugs can not be used for more than 14 days, as they can disrupt the natural microflora of the oral cavity
  • dental rinse aid: Forest balsam and Stomatophyte, they are saturated with medicinal herbs, which allows them to work on the problem in a complex way;
  • preparations that stimulate wound healing: Rotokan, Salvin, Salcoseril Ointment, Spray Parodontocid.
  1. Treatment with folk remedies

Nature has created plants that really help a person get rid of many problems. The main thing to know what components to use and what to prepare. Folk remedies usually do not pose a danger to a person. They have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and regenerating properties.

Most often, with bleeding gums from natural components, the bark of duda, chamomile, sage and nettle are used. Of these, broths for rinsing the mouth are usually prepared. Oak bark is cooked on a steam bath for 5-7 minutes. Chamomile is brewed in a thermos 2 tablespoons per 1 liter.water. Sage insists on 0.5 liter.water for 30 min. Received broths are recommended to rinse the mouth 2-3 times a day and especially after eating, as it provokes an intense multiplication of pathogenic microbes.

A good effect is observed when using infusions and extracts of water pepper. It not only eliminates inflammation and stops the bleeding periodontal, but also influences positively on the composition of the blood itself.

The most simple folk remedies that can be used at home are saline solutions and apple cider vinegar. Salt is bred in a glass of boiled water in the proportion of a tablespoon per 200 gr. Vinegar in its pure form is not used, it is also diluted with water from the calculation of a teaspoon per 100 gr.boiled water. In these solutions recommend adding 3-5 drops of iodine.

Treatment of bleeding gums in pregnant women

Often such a problem is associated with hormonal changes in the body of a woman. The gums become loose, the inflammatory process begins to form and bleeding appears. In addition, the cause may be the presence of diseases or poor hygiene even before the onset of pregnancy. Therefore, a woman must visit a dentist in advance to perform a sanation of the oral cavity.

Usually bleeding starts at 4 months of pregnancy. Just the second trimester is most suitable for visiting a doctor. In the absence of diseases, the dentist gives some advice, which can also be done at home. This will help to avoid the development of severe consequences. To maintain oral health, a pregnant woman needs:

  • to adhere to a full-fledged diet;
  • to implement the correct individual oral hygiene( use not only a brush with paste, but also flosses);
  • use, on the advice of a doctor, dental rinse aid;
  • , when bleeding occurs, use anti-inflammatory pastes( Asepta or Lakalut);
  • to abandon bad habits;
  • to take special vitamin complexes, which are prescribed during pregnancy;
  • to reduce the psychological burden.

If the pathology develops, the doctor conducts sparing treatment. He uses safe drugs, excludes the use of ultrasound, and also tries to reduce the duration of all procedures.