Competition work of Elena Kurbatova

Hello, dear readers. I continue to take work for the contest. Remember that I accept work until 15. 11. 2015, who wants to participate in the contest waiting for your work on the mail. Today I received another competitive work from Elena Kurbatova. Lenochka is just a sorceress, but what can she say, Lena's whole family is creative. Elena is a perfect mother, wife, daughter and very kind, positive person. I read the article and I felt somehow "warmer" in my heart. Always glad to get acquainted with interesting people. I thank Lena for the work.

In addition to creativity, Elena runs her blog. This is Elena Kurbatova's blog , for sure he is familiar with many who are not familiar with the Lena blog, you can see. On the blog Elena touches on the themes of the family, creativity, and also shares delicious recipes.

Hello, dear readers of the blog Alena Kravchenko! My name is Elena Kurbatova, I live in a small town of the Rostov region on the shore of the beautiful river Seversky Don. I have a beloved husband and two children: Diana's daughter is 5 years old, and Arseny's son is 1.5 years old. In our family, everything is being done - I, my husband and my daughter, we are doing it on the sly, who knows what, the son still supports us morally), but I think that soon he will start doing something with his own hands. As my husband says: "A man must be able to do something with his own hands, and if he can not, he must learn."

My daughter is very fond of drawing and sculpting, although by her nature she is very mobile, but as soon as she sits down for drawing or modeling, she can sit quietly and calmly for two hours, doing her favorite thing. This is her last work.

In September of this year, we recorded it in school for DPI lessons so that she could realize her craving for drawing and molding to the fullest.


My husband has a great desire for wood carving, he is self-taught, but he always dreamed of finding a master who would teach him the intricacies of this interesting craftsmanship. While this dream has not come true, and he learns from his mistakes. From his childhood he tried to make something himself, cut out simple wooden caskets. In addition, he likes to restore old wooden things. Once, he bought for 1,000 rubles an old-old chest of drawers, still royal time, all corroded by wood beetles, in a terrible state.

I was just pregnant with my son, and when I saw this huge junk I thought was horrible, probably my condition played a role, and then I told him a lot about this "terrible chest".

I thought that with him nothing was possible to do, but my husband calmly reacted to my indignation and said that everything would be fine and very soon we will have an excellent antique capacious chest of drawers. I had no choice but to resign myself and wait, what will happen in the end.

He worked on it for two months, and in the end it turned out such a wonderful chest of drawers, I even felt ashamed of my husband for my recent replies to this chest. Now this piece of furniture faithfully serves us all).

Caskets and hairpins made of wood

The last of the works of the husband is a box in the shape of a shell, a panorama "Oak twig" made of pine, an inkwell in the form of a bag with a feather, an inkwell made of oak, a pen made of pine. By the way, you can write a pen, the husband inserted the rod from the ballpoint pen and it turned out that this is an exclusive pen-pen. Still he likes to make hairpins from a tree, we with a daughter carry them with pleasure).

Every mother should be able to handle

And now a little about my personal hobbies. I like to try to do something new, that's why I have several hobbies. I began to study handicraft not so long ago. Before that, everything I did was not connected with manual work.

And it all started with the fact that my husband, carving in the evenings, often told me that I needed to find a handicraft enthusiasm, because we have children and I like my mother and the keeper of the family hearth should pass some handicraft skills to our children. After all, we are an example for them in everything. And I'm so grateful to my husband that he encouraged me to learn to do something with my own hands. It turned out that it's so cool and exciting, just a soul sings! .

This spring I mastered the sewing machine with my husband, and after we mastered the simplest lines, I cut it out and with my husband we sewed it( we can say that we sewed it in half))) here is a summer sarafan for a daughter and a kosynochku.

The funny thing is, when we went out for walks in such clothes, passers-by immediately paid attention to us), and friends asked where you bought such a beautiful sarafan. My daughter sewed a few summer sarafans and one long on the floor, maybe he did not quite succeed, but in the summer I wore it with pleasure.

I have another equally interesting hobby - weaving on loume children's plaid of pompons and scarves. Now, unfortunately, this is not so much time remains, the baby requires more and more mother's attention. But nevertheless I do not leave this hobby.

Wonderful technique "Kanzashi"

I try to learn new constantly, and one of my last hobbies is hair clips, elastic bands, bandages and satin ribbons in Kansas technique. This fascination with me so tightened that now I can not just pass by the store "Rukodelnitsa" - I definitely buy some ribbons or decor for the products.

Working with tapes occurs mostly at night, when the son is sleeping, otherwise he always tries to "help" my mother. On my blog, I plan to talk about this fascination in more detail, but so far there is not enough time.

Making such jewelry for the hair is within everyone's power, it's so simple and so interesting. And if you have a daughter, then it's great to make such beauty for her. Although I do decorations not only for my daughter, but also for the children of relatives, everyone has already been given). The last of my works.

I dream of mastering embroidery with beads, it seems to me that this is such laborious and time-consuming work. But then, what a wonderful result you get!

They say that in order to create - you need to be inspired, but I have a completely different way. When I start doing something with my hands, inspiration comes by itself, even if at the beginning of the work it was not and captures it so that it is difficult to stop!

I want to find one or several things for myself, and find in them that joy, and that feeling of happiness that you can not buy for any money. To all participants, I wish good luck in this competition, all previously presented works are so wonderful, and all deserve better evaluation! Thank you all for your attention, special thanks to Alena for organizing such an interesting competition and of course to all jury members thank you very much for agreeing to evaluate our work.

God keep you all! With respect and love, Elena Kurbatova.

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I want to express my gratitude to the participants of the contest. I'm waiting for new works. I remind you once again, the work is accepted until 15. 11. 2015.