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Seborrhea( more generalized concept for dandruff, used more often in medical circles) is a disease, which is based on the breakdown of fat formation due to dandruff,due to improper operation of the subcutaneous glands: the amount of the sebaceous secretion either increases or decreases, its chemical composition changes. As a result, the scales of the skin begin to exfoliate intensively. Outwardly resembling white translucent flakes, they become entangled in the hair, settle on clothes and seats, thus spoiling the appearance. The phenomenon is often accompanied by itching and unpleasant sensations. This disease is common among both men and women, and everyone in this position needs to know how to cure it, how to get rid of dandruff in the shortest possible time.

Reasons for the appearance of dandruff

To get rid of "snow flakes" on your clothes and in your hair, you will first have to find out the cause of this disease. Misunderstanding, where the problem has come from, leads to the fact that seborrhea can become an undesirable and unpleasant companion of a person for a long time. Only by identifying and eliminating the provoking factor, one can be cured. The causes of dandruff can be:

  • Chronic metabolic disorder;
  • Serious diseases of the internal organs: it is worth checking the work of the stomach, the thyroid gland;
  • Avitaminosis;
  • Hormonal failure that may be due to puberty in adolescents, menopause, pregnancy, or hormonal therapy in women;
  • Low immunity;
  • Problems with the nervous system - a frequent cause of dandruff: this leads to depressive and stressful conditions, nerves, chronic fatigue syndrome, emotional burnout;
  • Hereditary predisposition, which determines the individual features of the structure of the skin;
  • Incorrect food: enthusiasm for fast food, fatty and spicy food, carbonated drinks and coffee can also cause "white flakes";
  • Overcooling: dandruff overtakes those who walk in the cold season without a headdress or bathe in cold water without a special cap;
  • Overheating: exposure to the scalp with high temperatures leads to detachment of its scales, so seborrhea is the destiny of those beauties who abuse forceps, curlers, hairdryers, irons, thermal curlers;
  • Allergy: often the skin reacts with dandruff in response to the material of the headgear, especially if it is synthetics;
  • Wrongly selected cosmetics: their frequent changes, discrepancy between skin and hair types, different lines and manufacturers, excessive use of them - all this disrupts the work of the sebaceous glands and worsens the scalp.

Once the reasons have been clarified, all possible measures should be taken to eliminate them. Some people just need to buy an inexpensive shampoo with menthol to forget about this scourge. Someone will have to take their way of life, beginning with the improvement of nutrition and ending with the restoration of one's own peace of mind. If the reasons are too serious or there are difficulties with their definition, you will need to seek the help of a specialist. Unfortunately, most often people do not find time( or money) for this time and suffer from seborrhoe all their life.

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Treatment of dandruff

With the appearance of dandruff, the most correct solution will be a call to the trichologist. The disease requires medical examination and microvideo diagnosis - this study of hair and scalp under the increase. As a result, the doctor will determine the type of skin and hair, the nature of dandruff, the presence of infection or inflammation. During the conversation, possible causes of seborrhea are identified, a set of measures for its external treatment is selected: the doctor prescribes clinical procedures and advises the most suitable means for caring for a sick scalp. The external treatment is not limited to shampoo. The treatment complex includes all sorts of masks-peelings, tonics, balms, lotions. Usually, such drugs as Belosalik, Keto plus, Metrogil, Polcortolone, Skin-cap, Friederm, Zinocap and others are prescribed for the treatment of dandruff. But nevertheless, the basis of successful treatment is the therapeutic procedures that can normalize the process of salon formation with the scalp:

  • Different types of therapeutic massage of the scalp: vacuum, manual, cryomassage( using liquid nitrogen) - all improve skin nutrition, normalize the lymphatic drainage andblood supply;
  • Using professional therapeutic masks on the basis of various chemical, fast and powerful drugs for cleansing, moisturizing, vitaminizing the skin and simultaneously destroying pathogenic microorganisms - thus one procedure eliminates several possible causes of dandruff;
  • Darsonvalization ( hardware procedure using pulsed, fast-decaying current) normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands in the scalp, effectively cures inflammation;
  • Microionophoresis - non-injection mesotherapy, which involves exposure to the skin with medicinal serums and cocktails;
  • Injection mesotherapy, , is an injection directly under the skin of the desired medication: the procedure is painful, but very effective;
  • Galvanic peeling deeply cleanses the scalp;
  • Quantum therapy allows the use of electromagnetic waves in the treatment of dandruff;
  • Transcranial electrostimulation is a physiotherapy method that successfully eliminates seborrhea in just a few sessions.

These methods of treating dandruff in salon conditions have been used for a long time. They are effective, as they do not just do "cosmetic repair", eliminating only the external signs of the disease, but treating it from the inside.

However, even they do not guarantee a 100% recovery for life. With improper care of the scalp and unhealthy lifestyle, the disease can very soon return.

Therefore, after the course of treatment it is desirable to follow the recommendations of specialists how to get rid of dandruff in such a way that it does not return ever. This is the basis of care for the scalp, predisposed to seborrhea.

Special care for the scalp

The course of treatment and prevention of this unpleasant disease involves compliance with a number of rules formulated by specialists - trichologists and dermatologists. They must be adhered to not only during therapy: if there is a predisposition to the appearance of dandruff, these postulates should become a way of life, inviolable laws that must be performed for the sake of the health of their own hair. Sometimes it seems too difficult: to give up the usual things, to reconsider the mode of one's life. However, after a while, when the signs of seborrhea disappear, you can feel the whole charm of the changes: the state of health will improve, the hair will become strong and healthy. It is worth it to take this instruction into account.

  1. First, buy a special medical shampoo in the pharmacy. He is appointed by a doctor, or you can ask advice from a pharmacy worker. Such drugs are more powerful than normal cosmetic shampoos from the store. In their composition, you can find various medicinal additives that contribute to the elimination of dandruff( antipruritic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, cytostatics to renew skin cells, keratolytic to remove dead cells, vitamins, antibiotics and many others).It is recommended before buying to review reviews about this or that shampoo to choose the most effective means, which has already won the trust and love of consumers.
  2. You have to ask for help from any of the multivitamin complexes , which are now full in the pharmacy. The course of vitaminization is better to take place twice a year: in spring and in autumn.
  3. As soon as the first signs of dandruff revealed themselves, should immediately change headwear and comb .This will help to eliminate contact with the already infected surface.
  4. A couple of times a week it is recommended to scald with a boiling water comb. Washing of hats should be made as often as possible.
  5. We urgently need to revise our diet : to limit the amount of fatty, spicy, salty foods in it, to exclude the consumption of fast foods, coffee, carbonated drinks and alcohol.
  6. We need to find time, overcome all fears and pass medical examination , to identify internal diseases that could cause seborrhea. It is recommended to pay special attention to the work of the gastrointestinal tract and the state of the nervous system. If violations are identified, you will need to begin immediate treatment.
  7. Despite the fact that seborrhea is accompanied by severe itching, one should try not to scratch the skin, so that the wound does not appear, through which the infection can penetrate and aggravate the course of the disease.
  8. Tap water without pre-treatment by a patient with seborrhea is not suitable. Need filtered, mineralized, soft water. Its temperature should not be low or high: warm - the most optimal option.
  9. It is recommended not to wash your head more than twice a week.
  10. It is necessary to refuse regular use of a hair dryer, tongs, plaques and ironing: if you have dandruff, you can resort to them only in the most extreme cases.
  11. At least twice a week it would be nice to do self-massage of the scalp, which normalizes blood circulation.
It's silly to expect that dandruff will disappear by itself: this disease is the body's signal, that everything is not right with it, there are problems that require your direct participation. Therefore, only after finding out and eliminating the cause of seborrhea, you can get rid of it.

If the time does not take up treatment, the consequences may not just be unpleasant, but also dangerous. Along with the observance of these recommendations, it is possible to improve the condition of the scalp in the home at all possible masks and rinses. When treating a trichologist before using them, it is better to take his permission for similar home procedures.

Folk remedies against dandruff: recipes

Home hair masks for dandruff can be done every time before washing your head, that is twice a week.

Each of the products MUST be checked for allergies, even if they are completely sure of its absence.

For this, the prepared mixture is applied either to the wrist's skin, or to the area of ​​the head behind the auricle. The reaction should wait at least a day, because often the effect of active substances can proceed slowly. If there is no itching or redness, the mask can be applied to the scalp. The time of their action should not exceed half an hour. Necessarily warming in the form of a shower cap and a turban from a towel.

  • Kefir rinse

Before each head wash, rinse it several times with kefir. To wash off not at once, and after half an hour.

  • Olive oil against dandruff

Olive oil( half cup) is thoroughly mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice( two tablespoons).

  • Herbal Remedies

Herbs( tansy, burdock root, calendula, nettle) in the amount of one tablespoon are poured with boiling water( a glass), after cooling it is filtered. This infusion is poured into a liter of filtered water, and the hair is rinsed.

  • Essential oils from dandruff

In the fight against dandruff at home, you can actively use the essential oils of tea tree, lavender, rosemary, cedar, eucalyptus. They pre-heated slightly in a water bath, then rubbed into the roots of the hair, scalp.

  • Against the seborrheic mask of honey + aloe

Honey warm in a water bath( one tablespoon).Mix it in equal amounts with mayonnaise, aloe juice, olive oil.

The complex approach, which takes into account all the features of each organism, helps quickly, reliably and for a long time to get rid of dandruff, strengthen hair, restore the scalp health. If you wish and perseverance after such a course of treatment, you can never return to this problem if the lesson was learned. Only professional treatment, coupled with proper care and competent use of folk remedies, can save in this situation.

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