Hair care after keratin straightening

Hair care after keratin straightening

Keratin hair straightening today has become very popular in our country. Everyone uses it, from ordinary housewives to show business stars. This procedure is completely harmless to the hair. According to experts, it even contributes to their recovery, since it was originally developed to treat ringlets.

If you decide to carry out this procedure in the salon, then you should know in advance how to care for your hair after keratin straightening. But before talking about this, I would like to talk about the benefits of this procedure.

Benefits of keratin hair restoration

Keratin straightening is now so advanced that it can not even stand close to other methods of straightening curls that contribute to irreversible damage and changes in hair structure.

This procedure is very simple in execution, therefore it is carried out practically in all beauty salons. And if an experienced master also comes across, it takes very little time, but the result after it is simply stunning( the hair becomes soft, obedient and shiny).

Benefits of Keratin Hair Restoration

The undeniable advantages of keratin hair restoration include:

  • the absence of chemical components in the products used during the procedure;
  • content of the permissible level of aldehydes required to create a bond of keratin groups;
  • absence of components leading to destruction of desulfide bonds;
  • safety( can be used on any day of the cycle and even during pregnancy);
  • after the termination of procedure hair do not get a heavy and fatty appearance as it occurs after the majority of similar procedures;
  • can be combined with pre-staining;
  • eliminates yellowness, so it is ideal for blonde girls.

The disadvantage of this procedure is only the need to re-conduct after 10 days if the hair has a strong damaged structure.

The effect of the procedure lasts an average of 4-6 months. Here everything depends on the initial condition of the hair and what exactly will be the care of the hair after keratin straightening.

How to care for hair after keratin straightening?

Hair care after straightening is not so complicated. To keep your locks as beautiful as after the procedure, for a long time, you will need to do your best for this first 72 hours.

Remember, the principle of keratin hair straightening is the penetration of keratin into voids and their filling. This happens by thermal processing of curls, after applying a special agent on them. And in order for the result to be fixed, it is necessary to avoid washing the head for the first 3 days after the procedure. Otherwise, you risk wasting keratin from the hair and the effect of the procedure will not be so bright.

If you decided to visit the pool for the first 3 days after the procedure, be sure to put a special hat on your head to avoid accidentally wetting it. But from visiting baths and saunas you need to refuse, as excessive humidity and high temperature can lead to a deterioration in the result of the procedure. After three days you can safely visit such premises, not worrying about the condition of your hair.

How to care for hair after keratin straightening?

Use tools for laying curls that work by using hot temperatures, is strictly prohibited. After 72 hours you can safely use them, but the first three days are better not to take chances.

In addition, it is undesirable to use forceps, pins, rubber bands, etc. They can lead to leveling the effect of the procedure and leave undesirable creases on the hair.
Otherwise, there are no restrictions on hair care after applying keratin straightening. You can easily return to your lifestyle. However, remember that you will need to replace your usual cosmetics for washing your hair with other masks and shampoos that contain keratin.

You can easily pick them up by a wizard who will conduct the procedure for you. He will also tell you about all the rules of washing ringlets and drying them after keratin straightening.
Do not neglect them, because without performing them, you risk decreasing the effectiveness of the procedure several times, after which you will have to re-run it.

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