Eliminate the causes of bruising and dark circles under the eyes

dark circles and bruises under the eyes Some people naturally have a predisposition for bruising under the eyes. The skin around the eyes darkens with age.

Cardinally solve the problem of dark circles in such cases is not possible. But to improve the skin condition will help special cosmetic means and salon procedures.

Bruising under the eyes can cause a variety of external and internal causes.

Internal prerequisites for bruising

Severe bruises under the eyes can be associated with:

  • bad habits;
  • fasting and fast weight loss;
  • fatigue, lack of sleep, stress;
  • diseases of internal organs and common diseases.

Harmful habits of

The skin in the eye area is very badly affected by nicotine, alcohol, drugs and various psychotropic substances. They have a negative effect on human health in general, on the work of internal organs, cause severe intoxication and stress. Of course, these factors have a very negative effect on the skin in the eye area, causing bruises under the eyes of men.

Fasting and sudden weight loss

Often black bruises under the eyes appear if a woman takes a hard diet. Especially negative on the skin is a prolonged fasting. This is because fatty tissues decrease in volume, and toxins, which are contained in them in large quantities, enter the bloodstream and accumulate in other places. Especially it becomes noticeable under the eyes. To remove them from the body, additional treatment is needed.

Common causes: stress, lack of sleep and fatigue

Often, strong bruises under the eyes of women appear due to general fatigue and eye strain when working with documents, at the computer. Negative impact is working in a poorly ventilated room, in difficult production conditions.

If a person sleeps a little, is in a stressful situation, worried or worried, then, of course, this has a bad effect on his complexion. The skin becomes thinner and paler, and the blood vessels become more prominent, causing the so-called red bruises under the eyes of .

Diseases of internal organs and general diseases

Bruises can be a consequence of diseases of organs, for example, the heart. People suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system often have a cyanotic skin color in the eye area. In addition, circles can be in those who have problems with the kidney and excretory system. Since with the malfunctioning of these organs in the human body, toxins accumulate, which leads to a darkening of the skin in the eye area.

The causes of permanent bruises under the eyes are associated with a deficiency of trace elements, for example, iron deficiency. Often, skin darkening can be caused by an allergic reaction.

External factors causing bruising under the eyes

Appearance of bruises under the eyes can be tied up with:

  • adverse weather conditions;
  • by improper use of cosmetics.

Weather conditions have a very strong effect on the thin and delicate skin in the eye area. In the cold season, the skin becomes thinner and the fatty layer decreases. Blood vessels around the eyes are manifested, which produces the effect of dark circles.

In addition, improperly selected cosmetics can cause darkening of the skin. You can not use poor quality caregivers, and you should pay attention to the shelf life of the products.

How to get rid of bruises under the eyes

dark circles under the eyes If the strong bruises under the eyes are caused by internal causes, then you can eliminate them only by improving your health. Remove this defect with the help of cosmetic procedures will not work, you need to cure the disease. Often, with chronic diseases completely rid of the circles can not, but you can improve the overall condition of the skin in the eye area.

To get rid of circles under the eyes, you need to sleep at least 7, but not more than 10 hours. It is more common to walk outdoors, take up sports, eat right. Do not abuse alcohol, smoke, take drugs and psychotropic substances. When going out into the street under adverse weather conditions, special protective care should be applied.

It is best to contact a professional cosmetologist who can determine the cause of this defect. The doctor will pick up the correct cosmetic and caring tools, will appoint the necessary procedures.