How to clean the belly and sides quickly: diet, exercise

The appearance of fat deposits on the abdomen and sides is a problem for many women. Quickly getting rid of extra pounds is sometimes difficult, while neither diet nor daily exercise helps. In this case, it is best to contact a specialist. First of all, a nutritionist. It is important to remember that this or that diet is not suitable for every woman. And many of the diets, which can be found in various sources of information, present a real danger to health. Many ladies who decided to get rid of an ugly belly, start hungry and make a big mistake. And as a result, instead of reducing weight gain an additional fat fold at the waist.

To quickly remove the stomach and bulging sides should adhere to a certain rhythm of life, combine proper nutrition with a uniform physical load on the body. Only in this case it is possible to achieve a positive result. Before you start to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, it is recommended that you still consult a doctor and undergo an examination of the body. Very careful approach to the issue of various diets follows women who have chronic diseases. For example, diabetes mellitus or hypothyroidism. Since a dramatic change in the diet of their food can lead to very undesirable and dangerous health consequences.

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Diet for getting rid of stomach and sides

The diet, which allows to get rid of unnecessary fat on the stomach and sides, is very simple and works only in conjunction with daily exercise. It is primarily in the refusal of high-calorie food. Such foods include fatty meat, sweets, dough products.

Now we list those products, from the use of which it is desirable to give up to those who want to acquire a slim figure:

  • butter( food should be prepared solely with the use of sunflower oil);
  • pasta( in 50 grams of pasta contains about 70 calories);
  • cheese. Not all cheeses are high in calories. The exception is, for example, cheese-brie, Greek cheeses, made on the basis of goat's milk - feta and halumi;
  • chocolate, cocoa, nuts;
  • olive oil( about 2,000 calories per glass);
  • fish( tuna, salmon, sardines);
  • ice cream.

High-calorie products include yoghurts, as well as fresh fruit juices. However, today you can find low-fat yogurt, and juice should not be discarded, because it contains a lot of vitamins. Daily use of a glass of natural juice in the morning helps to improve mood, gives the body a charge of vivacity. It is useful to drink apple or pomegranate juice, provided that you do not have such diseases of the stomach as an ulcer or gastritis.

By the way, daily consumption of pomegranate juice on an empty stomach can lead to gastritis. So you should drink it only after breakfast. Breakfast decided to get rid of fat on the belly of a woman consists of porridge( buckwheat, rice, oatmeal).Instead of cereal, you can eat muesli with milk or kefir. When buying these products, you should also pay attention to their calorie content. It is best to buy milk, the fat content of which does not exceed 2.5%.

To products that contain a small number of calories, are:

  • almost all vegetables, salad, spinach, mushrooms;
  • fruit, berries;
  • rye bread, which if desired can be replaced with loaves made without yeast;
  • chicken, quail eggs( mostly protein);
  • river fish, low-fat meat( chicken breast);
  • water. In the water there are no calories in general, the use of 10 glasses of clean water a day allows you to cleanse the body of unnecessary substances, in particular toxins, contributes to the normalization of digestion and natural cleansing of the intestine.

Do not be upset that the list of low-calorie and recommended for weight-loss products is short enough. Food that contains minimal amounts of fats and carbohydrates can also be quite tasty. For example, mushroom soup is not inferior to the taste of meat soup, frequent use of which is guaranteed to lead to a set of extra pounds and the appearance of an ugly "necklace" of fat at the waist.

So, a daily diet that wants to get rid of fat on the belly of a woman consists of cereals, vegetable soups, vegetable dishes cooked with sunflower oil, includes as much fresh fruit and fruits as possible, and excludes the use of high-calorie foods. To eat should be at least 5 times a day, it will not feel hunger, because low-calorie food is digested by the stomach much faster than fat.

Such a diet allows you not to accumulate fat in the body, which means that you do not gain extra pounds, but what about the existing wrinkle on your stomach? Accumulated fat on the sides must be uniquely burned. Do this allow daily exercise.

Belly slimming exercises

Some women believe that in order to eliminate fat on the sides, it is enough to perform one simple and well-known exercise daily - to swing a press. In fact, this opinion is erroneous. This way of training will pump up the abdominal muscles, but if you only exercise it, the fat will remain in its original place. You can discard excess centimeters at the waist, assigning daily 30-40 minutes to intense sports and performing special exercises.

Get rid of creases on the abdomen, as well as reduce the size of the buttocks allows the following exercise:

  • on the rug or gymnastics mat, kneel, hands thrown over the head and crossed fingers with each other on the back of the head;
  • we begin to make squats: 50 times to the left, then 50 times to the right. After doing the exercise, you can rest for 2-4 minutes, then repeat it again.

To train the abdominal muscles and remove unnecessary fat from it allows an exercise known to everyone from school as a "bicycle".To perform it, you need to lie on your back, throw your hands behind your head, then raise your legs about 50 cm from the floor, make twisting movements with your feet. Imagine that you pedal the bicycle. Keep moving with your feet for at least 10 minutes. If it is given with difficulty, you can make a little respite.

You can finish the workout by swinging the press, for this you should lie on your back, close your hands on the back of the head and perform lifting of the trunk, trying to reach the knees with your elbows. Knees should be bent slightly. On the first day of training, it is not recommended to pump the press too long, as this will lead to overstrain of the abdominal muscles, which immediately begin to ache.

Exercises will be more effective if performed at least 3 times a day with a break of several hours. You need to eat food 40 minutes before the start of training or 40 minutes after it.

Those who are very keen to get rid of fat on the stomach and sides, it is also recommended to keep a daily count of calories consumed per day. To do this, you need to know exactly the calorie content of each product you use. And the last thing: everything is good only in moderation. If you overdo with diet and exercise, you can be in a hospital bed.