Are henna eggs harmful?

Chicken eggs are harmful

There is no one in the world who does not know what a chicken egg is and what its taste is. Since this natural product was previously the most common breakfast, both for the poor and the rich.

But after several years of research, scientists came to the conclusion that eggs are very harmful to the human body. Is it so? Let's try to figure it out.

Eggs and cholesterol

A few decades ago, scientists were of the opinion that eggs are the main culprit for increasing blood cholesterol, since they contain about 210 mg of cholesterol in them. And this despite the fact that the daily intake of cholesterol is 300 mg! Therefore, they recommended the scientists to eat eggs rarely - one to two - three times a week.

But, conversations about whether eggs are harmful or not, have subjected scientists to another study, as a result of which they found out that eggs contain phospholipids that suppress the action of cholesterol.

It turns out that the cholesterol contained in the eggs is completely harmless and does not affect the level of this substance in the blood.
Eggs and liver

Eggs and liver

People have an opinion that eggs have a very strong effect on the liver and contribute to the disruption of its functionality. However, this opinion is also incorrect and the reason for this is again the phospholipids contained in this product, which act most favorably on the liver, restoring its damaged cells and its working capacity.

Eggs and weight

It is believed that if you eat a lot of eggs, you can get very fat. This is complete nonsense. No, if, of course, one constantly eats only eggs fried in vegetable or cream butter, then the appearance of extra pounds is possible, but only eggs do not have to do with it. This is due to the oils used in their frying.

And as for the eggs themselves, it's simply impossible to get fat, eating 74 kcal. And this despite the fact that there is no animal fat in this product. In the protein, fats are generally absent, which makes it possible to eat it in unlimited quantities, especially since this has a good effect on muscle mass. And the yolk contains only 5 grams of fat. From them, for sure, your figure will not change.

Eggs and digestive system

It is also believed that eggs are digested for a very long time and bring a big load to the stomach. But this opinion is also erroneous. Eggs are very easily digested and at the same time it does not matter whether it is cooked in a steep or it is fried with an omelette.

But remember that eating eggs before going to bed is not useful, since even the lightest dinner in the evening strikes a blow to your health.
Eggs and potency

Eggs and potency

There is an opinion that raw eggs very well affect male potency. However, scientists still can not confirm or deny it. The thing is that they did not find in the eggs special enzymes that affect the male power. But at the same time they revealed that they contain other useful substances that can have an indirect effect on potency.

Eggs and salmonella

Salmonella is really contained in eggs. But according to the poultry farmers, it contains only one egg from a thousand. Therefore, the risk of infection is very small, given that during the heat treatment, which lasts for 1 - 2 minutes, Salmonella completely dies. The most dangerous are raw eggs.

We hope we answered your question whether chicken eggs are harmful and you can now eat with peace of mind for breakfast, lunch and dinner, without fear for your health and the health of your close people.

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