How to straighten your back at home?

How to straighten your back at home?

Back health - this is one of the most important circumstances, which should always pay attention. A healthy back is 80% of solved problems. To determine whether there is a curvature or not, it is necessary to become even, relax the shoulders and visually determine whether the shoulders are at the same level. If one of them is lower or higher than the other, it means that the person has a curvature of the spine. This petty reason can drag along a series of problems in the distant future, which will worsen more and more.

Since birth, the spine of a person, in a healthy form, has caused by nature bends in the cervical, lumbar, thoracic and sacral divisions. Since our spine is constantly formed, it can change its appearance throughout life. In the process of such changes, bends can increase, which leads to distortion.

How to straighten the spine at home?

In medicine, there are three types of curvature: kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis. Kyphosis is a great curvature in the lumbar region. Lordosis is a curvature in the thoracic and cervical divisions. Scoliosis, or as it is often called, S-shaped curvature.

Curvatures can be congenital and acquired. The cause of congenital curvature is one - this is an infertile fetal development. As for the acquired, these are the consequences of various diseases. For example, rickets, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, sciatica, osteoporosis, fractures, bruises, injuries.

How to straighten the spine at home

It happens that the cause of appearance is elementary flat feet or different length of lower limbs. Very much influenced by problems with vision - strabismus, myopia. And the most weighty disease is farsightedness, in which a person involuntarily inclines to a book or newspaper to read what has been written. At the same time very stooping.

Very much influences the spine of a person's lifestyle. It leads to curvature sedentary work in uncomfortable conditions. Sedentary way of life: home - work - home - bed and so on ad infinitum. This leads to deformation of the muscles, namely, their weakening, which entails the curvature and deformation of the column of the spine.

How to level the posture at home?

In order to escape from the curvature of the spine, it is necessary to correctly form the posture from an early age, constantly doing sports and doing exercises that strengthen the muscle corset that holds the spine. Try to lead an active lifestyle.

Walk more often and spend three hours a day outdoors. Doctors recommend visiting swimming pools and sports sections. Control your appearance while walking, running, sitting. Make minute workouts to cheer up and relieve tension.

Attend once a year a masseur for prevention and examination of the current condition. Adjust your diet. Enrich it with fiber, potassium, sodium and other vitamins and minerals that contribute to improving and strengthening the back.

Immediately the spine does not level, but patience and work, all peretrut. Asking how to level the posture? Can I straighten my back at home? Can! If you approach this issue responsibly and regularly perform simple exercises, listening to the recommendations of specialists.

How to level the posture at home

In order to correctly determine the course of treatment of the back, it is necessary to consult a leading specialist. He will determine the cause of the curvature, its stage and indicate the right treatment, which will take into account all possible details of the organism.

How to straighten your back at home?

Most part of the structure of posture affects daily life, or rather, the specifics of human behavior. Therefore, you need to reconsider your life and adjust your behavior. Doctors recommend:

  • In those minutes when you sit, keep your back straight and do not slouch. If it is difficult, the first time you can do a minute warm-up. It is necessary to choose a comfortable chair. Sit so that the edge of the chair( stool, chair) does not press down the blood vessels.
  • It is necessary to sit down and get out of the chair very smoothly. Especially it is necessary to do in order not to break the ligaments and not to damage the muscles, after a long sitting.
  • When sitting on an armchair or chair, the head should be kept elevated.
  • Sitting on soft is not desirable. This leads to relaxation of the muscular corset of the back and all the load shifts to the discs of the column of the spine. They begin to squeeze and, as a consequence, there is a aching pain in the back.
  • It is forbidden to put a foot on the foot. Firstly, it is vulgar on the part of etiquette. Secondly, it leads to vascular transmission and curvature of the spine.
  • The bed should be with an orthopedic mattress.
  • The width of the cushion must not exceed the width of the owner's shoulders.

And now about the main thing. Align your back with physical exercises. Do physical exercises taking into account personal physical fitness. Contraindicated to do sharp exercises and give a big load on the muscles. This leads to muscle rupture. Before each training it is necessary to do warm-up and warm-up exercises.

Can I straighten my back?

Can I straighten my back?

Exercises for leveling posture:

  1. It is necessary to sit down and bend your knees. Clasp your legs with your hands, and put your chin on your knees. After taking your head back, then back to the starting position. Exercise is repeated 10 times in 2 sets.
  2. Lie down face down and lift the trunk, making the supports in your hands. Head back as far as possible. Make two turns in different directions and return to the starting position.
  3. Lie on your stomach and bend your knees. Take your ankles with your hands and take a deep breath. With sharp movements, lift your body up and your legs above your head. Make 5 pumping.
  4. To become exactly. Legs shoulder width apart. Hands spread apart with the palms down. Do slow slopes until you feel tension in the muscles of the sides. In each position be 4-6 minutes each.
  5. Lie on the floor, on your back. Raise the legs to a height of 2 cm from the ground and stay in this position for 20 seconds. After repeating the exercise 10 times.


You can even out the posture with gymnastics, but this is not a slow process. It must be done continuously and for a long time. It is forbidden to take breaks at the first stages. This will return all previous work to zero.

Maybe one gymnastics will not be enough, so you should consult a specialist for more detailed treatment. As the qualitative decision of this problem is real at observation at the doctor. So that future adult people do not have such problems, it is necessary to accustom their children from infancy to such gymnastics.

And the parents will benefit and the child will have a healthy back, a beautiful posture and an excellent habit. Show them an example of how to properly sit and others. Teach actively to live. This will prevent the occurrence of diseases of the back and column of the spine.

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