A coughing fit in a child, how quickly to relieve an attack

As a rule, severe coughing bothers young children. And the reason for this is the peculiarities in the structure of the larynx in the region of the vocal cords. Acute cough often occurs due to laryngitis - mucosal edema. Strange as it may seem, the most severe bouts of so-called barking coughing occur at night, when there is an exacerbation of the disease( mostly in the first 2 or 3 days).

But it is worthwhile to understand that not only laryngitis is the culprit of cough, because it can also be caused by an allergic reaction of the body or by simple perspiration in the throat with a cold disease. There are various ways to stop coughing. And for this you will need:

  • Honey;
  • Alkaline drink;
  • Butter( cream);
  • Cough syrup for children;
  • Inhalations;

How can you quickly remove a fit of cough? To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions below.

  • In the event that a baby has had an attack of cough during sleep, the child should be awakened, planted and allowed to drink. As a drink is ideal: warm milk, alkaline mineral water( just add a teaspoon of soda) or a decoction of chamomile. After all, these funds allow you to soften the mucous membrane somewhat, which means that perspiration passes and the cough weakens. If it does not help and cough continues to torment, then the child needs to be a little bit like.
  • Also a little to ease the attack of cough will help honey or butter. Give the baby literally a teaspoon of butter or honey and let it slowly suck it. Only in this case it is necessary to be extremely cautious, because if a child has an allergy to beekeeping products, then his condition can only worsen.
  • If, however, the improvement in the baby is not observed, instead, the cough only increases, then the child needs to be inhaled. In the most urgent cases, at the time of suffocation( which occurs with laryngitis), try to open the hot water in the bathroom and bring the baby to her, let him take a little breath over the steam. In addition, the room raises the level of humidity, as a result of moistening the respiratory tract and gradually coughing stops. Regarding inhalation, you can do it with the use of essential oil of cedar. To do this, in a bowl of hot water, add a few drops of this oil and allow the child to breathe.
  • In this situation, baby syrups are good. After all, they contain a significant amount of essential oils that help alleviate coughing. So give your baby a certain dose of syrup. And note that in some cases this method is very effective. However, if it is a difficult dry cough and pershenia, it is urgent to call a specialist. You should understand that it is not always possible to remove a fit of coughing at home, in addition to doing self-medication is very dangerous.
  • In case the doctors recommend hospitalization of the baby, do not hesitate in any case. Since often there are cases when it would seem that a simple dry cough is actually a laryngitis, which can easily go into a false rale. Know that because of the narrowing of the lumen in the larynx, which occurs when the disease worsens, the child may die. And to prevent this, before entering the hospital, it is necessary to introduce prednisolone into the child, which helps to alleviate the condition and remove the edema. And already in a hospital the child will be given a full course of treatment of the disease. In addition, the baby will also be given special inhalations on specialized equipment.

Removing an attack of cough folk remedies

The folk medicine listed above will allow you to stop the attack of cough quite quickly, even at night, and thus help your child to get enough sleep.

So, treatment through sage. To remove a fit of coughing will help such a tool: boil with milk( 1 glass) sage herb( 1 tablespoon), then insist in a little more than half an hour and strain. The child should be given before going to bed in a hot form( 1 glass), because of this, the baby will fall asleep without problems and his sleep will be unusually strong.

And you can rub your back and the baby's chest for a night with the juice of a black radish and after such rubbing the baby will be able to sleep peacefully.

As already mentioned, alkaline drink will help in this case. So an attack of cough in children can be removed through tea from chamomile, milk or alkaline water. In order for the effect to be maximum, the child needs to sit down, tap it lightly on the upper back and chest( this is done so that the mucus leaves the bronchi) and give it in warm form the previously listed drinks and then the cough will stop.

All of the above methods will quickly stop the acute attack of cough.