Home cosmetics from coffee and tea

Cosmetics from coffee coffee cosmetics is very effective in the care of any type of facial skin .It can also be used as scrubs, which cleans the skin well, improves the complexion, and also in the preparation of equally effective folk masks.

To , coffee-based ointment, be it a scrub or mask, is prepared only from natural coffee. This may be the thickening left over at the bottom of the cup after drinking coffee, in which case it is advisable to drink it without sugar. And you can use ground beans, especially if you want to give your skin a small tanning effect of .

With The easiest way to use is a coffee scrub - put coffee grounds or ground natural coffee on wet face or body skin and gently massage your fingertips for 1 minute.

P For preparing other scrubs and masks from coffee, see below:

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Cosmetics from tea D omashnyaya cosmetics from tea no less popular than other natural products. The cosmetic properties of tea are very diverse. So, for example, a well-toned aging flabby skin washing with a weak solution of green tea in the morning, the same procedure removes various irritations on the skin, soothes it, narrows the pores.

H Green tea has a beneficial effect on the skin both internally and externally. To slow the appearance of wrinkles on the face of it is recommended to drink it for 2-3 cups a day. And with the problem skin of the face with dilated pores is well to wipe it in the morning with ice cubes frozen from the same green tea. The skin is then refreshed and tightened. Rubbing the skin with chilled green tea is a good help for with sunburn on the face of , they can also wipe the skin instead of sunscreens.

Ш икоко the cosmetics from tea for care of a skin around of eyes is used. After a long sitting at the computer, a sleepless night, or with any other eye fatigue, tea will always come to your rescue. To remove puffiness of eyelids or redness of eyes it is possible, simply having enclosed to them for 15 minutes a warm bag of green tea after its use.

M Asks and other folk remedies for face skin care are prepared, as well as from dry tea, and from liquid tea leaves and its gruel.

Masks from green tea - folk recipes

Cosmetics from tea Ч Black tea is also often used in the preparation of home cosmetics. It has a disinfectant effect, cleans well and narrows the enlarged pores on the face. If you have rough oily skin, it is recommended to moisten it after washing with cold black tea.

To , tea make-up is perfectly suited for the care of sensitive, allergic-prone skin. And if you wipe the skin with a strong infusion of black tea, you can give it a light tint.

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