Strengthening eyelashes at home: a review of funds, folk recipes


  • Efficacy of eyelash extensions
  • Folk remedies for eyelash strengthening
  • Prescription of masks for strengthening eyelashes

One of the problems that many women have to face is fragility, fragility and loss of eyelashes. As a result, such a scourge is not saved by any bulk carcasses, and one has to resort to such a procedure as build-up, which is not always good. In fact, the only way out of this situation is to strengthen the eyelashes in various ways - both folk and store means. This allows them to strengthen their bulbs, restore their damaged structure from the inside, promote their faster growth, density and volume. Get beautiful and healthy cilia in the home is quite possible even without build-up and overhead.

Efficiency of means for strengthening eyelashes

To begin with it is necessary to understand that the overhead and extensions eyelashes is an instant, albeit transitory result, which can be evaluated immediately upon leaving the salon.

If you decide to use eyelash extensions at home, you need to tune in to a completely opposite effect: the effectiveness will have to wait, but it will be long and more reliable, i.e., long.

The fact is that the active substances, penetrating the desalinic follicles, affect the cellular processes gradually. However, with each regular application of such means, cells begin to function fully. As a result, after 2-3 weeks of such intensive home procedures, you can feel the first results:

  • in the descending cerebellum, blood circulation is established, respectively - the cells get full oxygen and other nutrients, which makes their reliable strengthening ;
  • they cease to fall out - they become much more, that is, you get thick and fluffy eyelashes;
  • in most cases, the use of such eyelashes is not only strengthened, but also grow several times faster than , so that the problem with their length is automatically solved in this way;
  • improves the appearance of eyelashes: due to a full and regular nutrition they become voluminous, thick, fluffy, very beautiful ;
  • strengthens and their health from the inside: they no longer break and are no longer as fragile as before.

Women's desire to grow and strengthen their eyelashes at home is not a myth or a fairy tale with the appropriate attitude to it. The main thing here is to be patient and not to expect stunning results instantly, after the first application of miraculous means. Correctly pick them up and use them regularly - here is aerobatics in the home of eyelash strengthening, which will give excellent results, but after a short time. And after the full course of strengthening the desalinating follicle after the application of the selected , the eyelashes will remain healthy and beautiful for a long time. So, we open the cards: TOP of the best folk remedies, coping with fragility and loss of eyelashes.

Popular means for strengthening eyelashes

Real beauties who prefer naturalness and quality of chemistry and salons, they know, due to what the strengthening of eyelashes at home: there are certain means. They did not participate in the modern cosmetic industry, ie, there are no preservatives, no snacks, no periodic table, from which eyelashes often begin to drop even more. If you feel that it's time to take care of their strengthening, stock up the following means.

Oils for strengthening eyelashes

There is nothing better, in terms of professionals, how cosmetic oils for strengthening eyelashes , which can be found in any pharmacy and which cost a penny. With a minimum of costs, you will become the owners of a beautiful and mysterious sight, framed by fluffy and thick eyelashes. For home care of , to prevent them from breaking and falling out, use cosmetic oils such as:

  • castor - strengthening, nutrition, accelerated growth, prevention of loss;
  • burdock - power supply, reliable strengthening, prevention of falling out and fragility;
  • almond - strengthening, improving growth;
  • wheat germ - strengthening, improving growth;
  • peach - nutrition, strengthening, improving their growth, treatment of various infectious diseases, often affecting the ciliary follicles;
  • sea buckthorn - reliable strengthening, power, saturation of their chromaticity;
  • olive - active feeding, strengthening, density and fuzzy;
  • camphor - power, strengthening, protection from external negative factors;
  • jojoba - improving their appearance, strengthening the structure, preventing loss and fragility;
  • nuts - intensive nutrition with amino acids and vitamins, which are simply necessary for enhanced growth and strengthening of eyelashes;
  • argan - ensuring the density and fuzzy, strengthening;
  • coconut - humidification, prevention of loss, reliable strengthening;
  • linen - abundant moisturizing, prevention of loss;
  • - stimulation of eyelash growth, providing strength and elasticity.

Especially popular at home is the strengthening of eyelashes with castor and burdock oil, as they are sold in any pharmacy, they are worth a penny, use them easily and pleasantly, and the results usually do not keep you waiting long. However, the other cosmetic oils listed above also have a very positive effect on the health and beauty of the cilia. Therefore, it is worth experimenting and expanding the range of tools used at home to strengthen them.

Strengthening eyelashes with herbs

The next, no less effective folk remedy for strengthening eyelashes are decoctions and infusions of herbs. Where without them, without the recipe of our wise grandmothers? Ready-made fees can be easily purchased at the pharmacy( as well as oils), and you can stock them yourself, although this will require certain knowledge and skills( collecting, drying and storing such raw materials is a very responsible and multi-level process).To strengthen the adulthood bulbs, stock up the following herbs:

  • cornflower;
  • sage;
  • calendula;
  • chamomile.

They have a restorative effect on the eyelashes.

If you make them infusions and apply compresses on a daily basis, the result will be amazing.

Especially because many women do not like to use oils in practice, because after them there may be a feeling of fatiness on the eyelids. With herbs this does not happen. On the contrary: in addition to its direct purpose( strengthening the eyelashes), they will give a feeling of freshness and vivacity, relieve fatigue and simultaneously take care of the skin of the eyelids.

Now you know what kind of oil to strengthen the eyelashes and what herbs for this purpose you can use at home. You can combine these tools, apply them alternately, and you can do on their basis, strengthening, very effective masks for eyelashes. They are easy to prepare, they do not have to spend much time, and the result can be several times better if you use some components separately. Try it.

Recipes for masks for strengthening eyelashes

From herbs are good compresses, and from oils - masks to strengthen the eyelashes. In accordance with their tastes, preferences and individual characteristics, choose one thing or combine both. For example, compresses can be done in the morning, an hour before going to work. While masks for eyelashes can and even need to be applied before bed, because after any oil to impose qualitatively mascara will be very difficult( almost impossible).Before you decide on a particular prescription for the mask, make sure that the skin of the eyelids and the mucous membrane of your eyes will normally react to its components. Be sure to check any remedy for allergies.

  • Oils in its pure form

If you decide to strengthen your eyelashes with one of the above mentioned oils, they can be used in pure form as follows. Find the brush from the carcass, rinse thoroughly and dry it. The remedy you use should be at room temperature, or even better - slightly warmed up( this can be done on a water bath).Dip the brush into the oil and apply to the cilia, starting from the middle. Take care that it does not drip into the eyes. After 10-15 minutes, remove the oil with a dry cotton disc. Do this procedure every day before bedtime. The course of treatment is 1-2 months, after which you need to take a break for 2-3 weeks.

  • Oils + vitamins

To strengthen eyelashes, use at home various combinations( ie masks) of cosmetic oils and vitamins. For example, take 1 tablespoon of castor oil, mix with sea buckthorn oil or rosehip( the same amount), then add 5-6 drops of carrot juice or oil vitamin A( retinol).The mask is applied and used in exactly the same way as the previous one. Be careful: sea buckthorn oil and carrot juice can color the skin of the eyelids in an orange tinge, so the remedy should not be much and do not need to keep it for too long.

  • Oils + tea

Another very interesting mask. If you mix any butter with hard-boiled black tea( in equal proportions), you will get an excellent firming mask for the eyelashes. It will not only prevent their loss and fragility, but also their color will make it much darker.

  • Oils + rum

And here this mask for strengthening eyelashes is very specific, and not everyone will take risks. But those who did not hesitate to use it, always note an excellent result. Castor( or burdock oil) at room temperature should be mixed in equal quantities with rum or cognac and applied to the eyelashes. After this, the effect will be noticeable already on the 3-4 day of its application.

  • Oil mask № 1

If you need express reinforcement for the eyelashes, there is no patience and there is no time to wait, try a mask from a whole mixture of cosmetic oils. Combined action will stop them falling out after a week of regular use of such a mask. In a warm form you need to mix such cosmetic oils as castor, burdock and olive( but you need to take unrefined, natural).It is better to take them in equal proportions( for example, 1 teaspoonful).And do not store this mask in this form for several days. The effectiveness of the product will increase if you daily prepare a new mixture.

  • Oil mask № 2

In this mixture, even more oils - respectively, the effectiveness of it can be even greater. In the same amount( literally a few drops), mix cosmetic oils like castor, linseed, pink, almond, grape seed, wheat germ. Do not worry if any of these oils you do not have available. Replace it with what is: burdock, for example, or olive.

Now you know how to strengthen eyelashes at home with the help of folk remedies - oils and herbs. Different masks and compresses - that's what they need at the time of weakening and vitamin deficiency. Seeing eyelashes drop out , do not panic and immediately run to the salon for the procedure of building up or buying false eyelashes. All this is too short-lived and will only hurt and aggravate the condition of your real cilia. Be patient and treat your cilia, returning them the youth, beauty and health that they deserve. This will save you from many complexes and present your view with mystery and magnetism.

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