Eyelash oil: which is better - castor, burdock, almond and other


  • Overview of eyelash oils
  • Branded eyelash oils
  • Rules for the application of eyelash oils
  • Mask recipes for eyelash oils

Not so many natural, natural remedies can be used at home to care for eyelashes, so that they are faster andgrew thicker, were long and bright. Modern cosmetology offers various store serums, gels and carcasses for this purpose, but their effectiveness is often achieved at a very high price. However, lovers of natural remedies have an option - to use cosmetic oil for eyelashes: the choice is great, and each of them performs a certain function. If you know how to use them competently, the results will please: a wave of thick, long, elegant eyelashes will provide your look with a unique expressiveness. So, which oils do you need to pay close attention to in this matter?

Overview of eyelash oils

Cosmetic oils are natural products that are made by cold and hot pressing from the leaves and flowers of various plants.

Their advantage over store facilities is that their composition is completely natural, they contain in large quantities all kinds of biologically active substances.
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Vitamins and fatty acids perfectly nourish cells, extremely rarely causing allergic reactions. You need to know what oils for eyelashes can be used at home to improve their growth, texture and color. After all, each oil has certain properties.

  • Castor - strengthens, nourishes, accelerates growth, prevents loss, makes them fluffy.
  • Burdock - nourishes, strengthens, prevents loss and brittleness.
  • Almond - improves their growth.
  • Wheat germ - improves their growth.
  • Peach - nourishes, improves their growth, shines various infectious diseases, often affecting the ciliary follicles.
  • Sea-buckthorn - feeds, saturates their chromaticity.
  • Olive - nourishes, makes them thick and fluffy.
  • Camphor - feeds, protects against external negative factors.
  • Jojoba for eyelashes improves their appearance, strengthens the structure: under its influence they cease to break and fall out.
  • Nut - will not allow them to fall out, will impregnate amino acids and with vitamins , necessary for their enhanced growth.
  • Arganas - makes them thick, dark and fluffy.
  • Coconut - moisturizes, prevents loss.
  • Linen - moisturizes, prevents loss.
  • Eyes oil for eyelashes stimulates their growth, makes them stronger and more elastic.

The list is quite impressive, there is plenty to choose from. First, decide for yourself which effect you want .If you are dreaming about the length, choose the oil for the growth of eyelashes. If your goal is a natural saturated dark color, it will be other means. Secondly, determine how much you can spend : for example, argan oil( 50 ml) will cost you 900 rubles, and the same amount of castor oil - 40 rubles. Thirdly, study the individual characteristics of your body : for which oil for eyelash care you will not have allergies, then choose.

All of the above oils can be purchased at a pharmacy or cosmetic store. These are natural products without any additives. However, modern cosmetology offers women specially developed for the care of eyelashes oils from leading manufacturers. We bring to your attention their brief review.

What is useful for castor oil for eyelashes, how to properly use and masks with its participation you will find here & gt; & gt;

And at home you can get natural voluminous, long and thick eyelashes. ..

Branded oils for eyelash care

Many women believe that the best oils for eyelashes are those that are offered by the world brands of modern cosmetology. Their differences from conventional natural - this is the price and composition. First, they will require considerable financial costs for a very small amount of product. Secondly, they often represent a mixture of different oils, which is enriched with vitamins and other additives.

In addition, they are highly effective: for a short time, the eyelashes are truly transformed under the influence of these miracle oils.

Perhaps, your choice will fall on one of them.

  • Dnc eyelash oil guarantees protection from falling out, increased growth, beautiful appearance and internal health of your cilia, basic composition - nut oil, applied at bedtime all night, does not require flushing, and cares for the skin of the eyelids in parallel.
  • Elma oil for eyelashes strengthens, moisturizes, nourishes, restores natural color, preserves natural density and shape, promotes growth;in the composition - oils castor , burdock , oil extracts of nettle, milk thistle, vitamins A, PP, E, hyaluronic acid;applied for 10-15 minutes.
  • Gemene eyelash oil is advertised as an excellent growth stimulator, promoting nutrition and strengthening of ciliary bulbs ;in the composition of the drug - physalis, castor oil, almond oil, peach, vitamin A.
The best oil for eyelashes is that which is ideal for your body, because it is special for everyone, individual.

Probably, it is necessary to try not one tool before there is an optimum and faultless variant. Experiment, choose and enjoy the results. Which, by the way, in many respects will depend on how correctly you will use oil for eyelashes.

Rules for the application of eyelash oils

You need to know how to apply oil to the eyelashes so that it benefits, not harm. In connection with the use of such tools, a number of difficulties usually arise. If oil gets into the eyes, it causes irritation and reddening of the mucosa. If you overstay it on eyelashes, the next morning you can wake up with terrible edema of the eyelids. Because of all these troubles, many refuse such a wonderful tool for the care of eyelashes - and completely in vain. After all, if everything is done correctly and correctly, all these misfortunes can be safely avoided. Adhere to only a few rules - and beautiful, long, thick eyelashes are provided to you.

  1. If you have purchased a special brand of eyelash oil, it is easier to handle with it, because it is conveniently packed in a case with a brush that resembles normal mascara. If you decide to use cosmetic oil, you have to find a brush from the old carcass, rinse it properly, and already it to apply the acquired remedy to the cilia.
  2. If you choose vegetable oil( eg olive oil), use only unrefined product , because it contains much more biologically active and useful substances.
  3. Some advise before using eyelash oils to heat them in a water bath to 30-35 ° C.Indeed, in a warm state they are more effective, but even if you do not, the result will still be.
  4. Do not allow oil to get into eyes. Therefore, start applying oil to the eyelashes from their middle, and not from the roots.
  5. Do not leave the oil on eyelashes for a long time, because often it provokes the edema of the eyelids, which lasts a very long time. If you are practicing this procedure for the first time, it is recommended first to withstand the remedy in just 5 minutes. If the next morning with nothing will be, you can extend the effect of oil to 10 minutes. Maximum - 20-30 minutes.
  6. Do not attempt to wash the oil off eyelashes with water, gel, milk, or soap. It can be easily removed with a regular cotton pad, which must be dry. To wash after this is not recommended.
  7. It is recommended to apply oil on eyelashes before going to bed, because if it is done in the morning, then the ink on them after such a remedy will not simply lie down.
  8. Frequency of application - daily, once a day, for 3-4 weeks.
  9. After a month of active application of oil for eyelashes, they need to rest, so that there is no getting used to the biologically active components of the used product. The break should be 1-2 weeks. During this time, you can use any other tool for the care of eyelashes , and then return again to the favorite oil.

Now you know how to smear eyelashes with oil so that it was as useful as possible, it was only a pleasure and did not disappoint. Thus, you can finally become the owner of thick, long, elastic and simultaneously fluffy, voluminous and very beautiful eyelashes.

And do not forget , that independently at home you can prepare a miracle mixture of oils for eyelashes, connecting several components.

Get an excellent tool with a comprehensive care. Try the recipes - and get rid of the complexes.

Recipes for masks from eyelash oils

To bring eyelashes in order, use not only pure oils. Very well they are masked - a mixture of several components. Then they and humidification, and nutrition, and strengthening receive - all at the same time. Try one of the recipes - and you'll definitely like the result. Mix the oils for eyelashes in any convenient bottle for you. They can be stored for a month at room temperature, but if only they do not include any other components( such as vitamins).

  • Olive + acrylic

10 ml of warm, unrefined olive oil mixed with 5 drops of wonderful oil of osmy( it is not necessary to heat it).The mixture is applied for no more than 15 minutes. Eyelashes after this start to grow faster and become very fluffy and dense.

  • Castor + camphor

15 ml of warm castor oil mixed with 5 drops of camphor oil. Apply for 5-10 minutes. Frequency of application - 2 times a week. Daily this mixture is better not to use, as camphor oil is badly tolerated by many and can cause irritation of the mucous eyes and skin of the eyelids. After such an oil mask, the eyelashes become very fluffy and dense, their color is more saturated and brighter.

  • Burdock + Castor

If you think that your eyelashes are very short and do not grow at all, be sure to use this recipe. Burdock and castor oils are mixed in equal proportions. They can even be heated in one container to a warm state. With the daily application of such a mask, the length of the eyelashes will increase significantly after a week.

  • Complex mask

You can mix much more oils: for example, castor( will give cilia growth), almond( will make them dense), olive( soften), burdock( strengthen).Take them all in equal proportion. They can be heated and applied daily. Such a complex treatment will surely please you with results, because the eyelashes after the complex oil mask become unusually beautiful.

  • Peach + jojoba

To make the appearance of eyelashes even without the carcass admirable, try to use the next caring mask for a whole month. Melt the jojoba oil( 2 tablespoons, it should be basic) on a water bath, add 1 tablespoon or even 1 teaspoon of warm peach butter to it. The excellent result will not take long.

  • Argan + coconut

Preheat on a water bath for 1 tablespoon of argan and coconut oil. With the regular application of such a mask, eyelashes will be thicker and longer, and also retain their natural color for a long time bright and saturated.

Only by trial and error can you understand what kind of oil for eyelashes is better in your case. Experiment, choose, evaluate, try different recipes for masks - and then the results will definitely please you. A woman simply must have beautiful, well-groomed, long eyelashes that serve to beautify her look. Take care of them every day - and then the need for expensive cosmetics, which often only spoils and harms, will not.

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