Pimples on the chin. Causes and treatment of acne

Acne on the chin is a problem familiar to most people. Pustular pustules are not only a cosmetic, but also a medical problem, since they can talk about the presence of a disease.

When there are pimples on the chin, the causes are usually associated with hormonal disorders or abnormalities in the work of the digestive tract. Women suffering from ovarian diseases often have pustules in their chins. In adolescence, the rash provokes a changed hormonal background and an increased fat content of the skin. In adults, acne appears due to decreased immunity, chronic inflammatory processes in the body, improper diet with lots of flour and sweet foods, carbonated drinks and coffee. When violations of the functions of the liver and intestines in the human body, toxins accumulate, which manifest themselves in the form of pustules on the face, most often on the chin.

The exact cause of acne on the chin can only be determined by a specialist: dermatologist, gastroenterologist and endocrinologist. The doctor will prescribe the necessary tests and, according to their results, will offer adequate treatment.

Regular long-healing lesions are a serious reason to consult a doctor. However, usually the first action with the appearance of subcutaneous acne is an attempt to get rid of them yourself. There are many tools that can eliminate the inflammatory process and eliminate the traces of acne, but they should be used correctly and better for the appointment of a dermatologist and a cosmetologist. In no case can not squeeze out pimples: this leads to the appearance of new pustules and can cause streptodermia - skin lesions streptococci. Do not use peelings and scrubs in the area where there are rashes, because then the focus of inflammation increases.

How to get rid of pimples on the chin?


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Several proven low-cost recipes with regular application will help cope with acne.

Steam baths above decoction of lime and chamomile help open and clean pores. The cleansed face is kept above the steam for 15 minutes, after which the skin is wiped with hydrogen peroxide. During the procedure, many pimples come out and are easily removed.

Aloe vera juice is an effective anti-inflammatory drug. Juice can be used for lotions and rubbing your face. Cut aloe vera leaves for one week is placed in the fridge, then grind and squeeze the juice. The therapeutic effect is only freshly squeezed aloe juice, so for the time being it is not harvested.

Infusion of chamomile and calendula is prepared as follows: dry inflorescents fill 0.5 liters of boiling water and after half an hour filter. The received infusion is wiped face morning and evening.

Suspension "Tsindol" has a good drying and anti-inflammatory effect. To avoid excessive dryness of the skin, after using it you need to use moisturizers. Modern antimicrobial agents help to eliminate the rash on the chin: a basilon, diferin, skinoren, zinerite. As a rule, they have a persistent lasting effect and permanently eliminate acne on the chin. However, such drugs are addictive, and they should be applied on the advice of a doctor.

Subcutaneous acne. Treatment and causes

Subcutaneous acne on the chin - dense red tubercles, which are formed due to irregularities in the work of the sebaceous gland. Subcutaneous pimples are quite painful to the touch and can ripen within a few weeks, delivering great inconvenience. Independent autopsy of such pimples threatens with the appearance of atrophic scars, which can not be got rid of at home. Subcutaneous pimples on the chin are a sign of problems in the endocrine or digestive system, so when such entities appear, the doctor's consultation is mandatory.

If it was possible to find out what pimples on the chin mean, and what disease they cause, a positive result of treatment is guaranteed. Eliminating the cause of acne, you can get rid of unaesthetic external manifestations. There are a number of cosmetic procedures for fighting pustular skin diseases and their consequences: scarring and staining. Such procedures include hygienic face cleansing, ozonotherapy, chemical peelings, treatment of pustules with liquid nitrogen. A good effect is provided by mesotherapy: the introduction of medicated substances into the mesoderm by injection.

Sometimes to answer the question, why appear pimples on the chin, it is not difficult. The case may be in improperly selected make-up or skin care products. Enough for a while to abandon the usual foundation and powder, forget about scrubs and peelings, and pimples on the chin either disappear completely, or their number will be much smaller. Replacing the line of cosmetics, you can solve the problem of acne once and for all.