Aloe is useful.

Hello, dear friends. April came, the second month of spring. We have warm and sunny days, certainly not summer, but many already want the summer to come sooner. I, too, is not an exception. But everything goes on as usual, summer will not come before spring. Therefore, we will enjoy the warm spring days, the first flowers, leaves, grass, singing birds. After all, each time of the year is beautiful in its own way. Yesterday I was walking with the children in the park. We are already beginning to bloom apricots.

Today I want to talk with you about aloe, I want to tell you all its useful properties and contraindications. I also want to talk about the use of aloe juice for the treatment of diseases. Aloe is usually called an age-staple and is used mainly for treatment.

Aloe has a thick trunk, long leaves pointed at the ends, and if you cut a leaf, then the cut is formed juice. Leaflets of aloe and juice are very useful.

The aloe plant grows on my windowsill. Aloe is a fairly unpretentious plant. This is the first "helper", one might say, our home healer.

Aloe can last a long time without water, because aloe comes from the tropics. But in summer the plant needs moderate watering, lots of light and heat. While in winter, the room in which aloe is located, should be light and cool, and watering is not frequent.

Let's now talk in more detail about the beneficial properties of aloe. What vitamins contain aloe. And also at what diseases it is applied, to whom aloe and preparations from an aloe are counter-indicative.

Aloe. Useful properties of

  • Aloe contains sodium, copper, potassium, manganese, zinc, iron, iodine, fluorine, silicon, zinc. Contains aloe and vitamins: A, E, C, B vitamins.
  • Aloe is useful for cleansing the blood.
  • The plant accelerates healing of wounds, cracks, ulcers.
  • Normalizes metabolic processes occurring in our body.
  • Reduces cholesterol. More information about popular methods for reducing cholesterol, you can read in my article "How to lower cholesterol."
  • Aloe is well suited for external use and heals purulent wounds, burns, various allergic rashes.
  • Aloe has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bactericidal properties.
  • Aloe is used in the treatment of eye diseases.
  • Aloe is widely used in cosmetology and gynecology.
  • Aloe moisturizes, nourishes and tightens the skin, since aloe juice penetrates deep into the skin, thereby improving metabolic processes, and also stimulates cell regeneration.
  • Aloe juice is used after a long stay in the sun.
  • Aloe treats diseases associated with the digestive tract.
  • Aloe is an excellent means of reducing the level of toxic substances in the body.

Thus, aloe has beneficial properties for our body, but there are aloe and contraindications. Let's stop at them now.

Aloe. Contraindications

  • Contraindicated in aloe in case of individual intolerance or allergic reactions to aloe.
  • Contraindicated in cases of kidney and liver damage.
  • In pregnancy, preparations from aloe are applied only in consultation with the doctor.
  • Aloe is contraindicated in cancer diseases, all because it has biostimulating properties.
  • Contraindicated in the use of aloe in uterine bleeding.

Now let's take a closer look at the use of aloe, treatment of aloe diseases. On the blog, I already wrote about the use of aloe and aloe juice with honey. Recipes read in my article "Aloe with honey, application".There everything is detailed, all the recipes and how to apply everything.

Aloe juice. Application of

Aloe leaves that are 3 years old are more suitable for treatment. The leaves are cut. Cut large lower leaves. The leaves need to be washed, rinsed with boiled water, chopped the leaves and squeezed the juice through the cheesecloth.

Aloe juice is used for coughing. You need to take 10 grams of honey and 25 grams of cranberry juice and aloe juice, all mix. This mixture is taken up to a tablespoon 4 times a day.

Aloe juice with honey for strengthening immunity. With weakened immunity, and also after the transferred diseases, such a mixture is useful. You need to take honey, aloe juice, lemon juice, peeled walnuts. All we take in equal proportions. Nuts crushed, everything is connected and mixed. Take this mixture before meals three times a day on a dessert spoon. Store the mixture in the refrigerator.

Aloe juice is used for headaches. Aloe juice is also used for dizziness. Aloe juice is useful to rub in whiskey. If you have frequent headaches and dizziness, then I recommend reading my article "Sudden dizziness, causes, treatment."In the article you will find more information on dizziness, which will help you find out the cause.

Aloe juice with a cold. Aloe juice helps to get rid of the common cold. Aloe juice removes inflammation, facilitates nasal breathing, cleanses the sinuses. Bury the aloe juice two drops 3-4 times a day in each nasal passage. Mom in childhood with a cold, I often buried my nose with aloe juice and Kalanchoe juice. This is now we are increasingly using medicines.

Aloe juice with pain in the heart. Apply aloe juice with pain in the heart, they prepare for themselves such tea. Take a tablespoon of leaves of strawberries and a tablespoon of hawthorn fruit pour a half liter of boiling water, it is best to do all this in a thermos. After 24 hours, infusion is filtered, add a tablespoon of aloe juice and honey to taste. Drink a glass of this overnight. The course of treatment is one week.

Aloe helps with warts. It is necessary to finely chop the aloe leaf and apply this mass to the warts. Usually enough 4-5 procedures and warts disappear. Aloe juice for burns. In case of burns, the aloe juice is rubbed into the affected areas of the skin. In this case, the burn itself does not need to be wrapped up, it is necessary to give aloe vera juice to the affected skin, and the rest of the juice can be soaked with a napkin.

Aloe in stomach diseases. With peptic ulcers eat a few times a day a piece of aloe leaf, about 5 cm very carefully chewing.

With gastritis, you need to drink aloe juice three times a day. Take before meals on a tablespoon. Aloe is an excellent anti-inflammatory drug.

Aloe in the Fall of Forces. Aloe leaves are a wonderful biostimulator, you can just chew them when you lose strength. Excellent helps such a tool. We take a handful of walnuts, two hundred grams of orange or carrot juice, two tablespoons of aloe juice and a couple tablespoons of honey. All connect. Use this mixture on a spoon before eating.

Aloe is used for toothache. For this, cut off a piece of aloe leaf. Cut off the spines from the sheet, cut the leaf along and the fleshy side attach to the gum and to the aching tooth.

Aloe with sore throat. The aloe leaf is crushed, poured with boiling water, it is insisted and such a solution rinses the throat.

Aloe for wounds. Aloe very well heals wounds, cracks, small cuts and abrasions. Apply aloe juice to the wounds, which contributes to their rapid healing.

Aloe is really impressive with its useful properties, but do not forget before applying aloe or aloe juice to get acquainted with contraindications. Do not self-medicate. Be sure to consult a doctor before applying folk medicine.

Also if you have any questions, I recommend that you watch a video about aloe. It has many useful recipes with the use of aloe juice.