Broccoli: product description, useful properties, contraindications

The main difference is in the shade - in broccoli it is dark green. Also in the composition of this representative of the cabbage family contains a large number of microelements.

What's useful in broccoli?

In these dark green inflorescences and stems there are many nutrients. And, very important and valuable for a person. So, in almost three grams( 2.82) of a hundred there is a protein, and the quality is the same as in chicken eggs or beef. In its structure, a lot of amino acids are enough to really prevent problems with the cardiovascular system.

Suffices in broccoli and potassium, with the help of which excess water and salt safely leave the body.

Specialists have revealed in this cabbage calcium and phosphorus - elements, with the participation of which the bone system is being built. There is iron in the plant with copper and cobalt - they are useful in that they help the cells of the bone marrow to produce new good blood.

Those who eat broccoli regularly receive a dose of vitamin C and zinc, which protect the tissues from the effects of free radicals. Support for the nerves of lovers of this cabbage occurs with the participation of vitamin B.

Thanks to the content of iodine, broccoli takes care of the thyroid gland and all organs of the endocrine apparatus.

Among other advantages, it is worth noting that broccoli clears the intestinal tract from slags and toxic compounds due to the fact that it contains dietary fiber.

Cabbage of this family can be easily used by adherents of various diets. It is found out that its calorific value is 33 Kcal per hundred grams. Because of this, it is included in the composition of numerous nutrition programs.

Broccoli perfectly affects the retina of the eyes and, in particular, the lens. Therefore, she became a faithful assistant to those who undergo direct treatment, as well as the stage of rehabilitation after a previous cataract. Broccoli is important for those who strengthen their strength after an infectious disease.

Finally, we note that this cabbage increases appetite and improves the processes of digestion of food.

How to eat broccoli?

This is paradoxical, but the fact - broccoli is not so popular in our modern kitchen, despite the described bouquet of merits. All because few people have the knowledge how this vegetable can be deliciously cooked. But one cooking is not enough, it is important to preserve all the benefits that this fruit bears.

The most useful culinary incarnation of this cabbage is a dish from it raw. It can be served to the table in a very interesting way - torn to separate stems-inflorescences. On top, you can pour the butter, pre-melted, or season with olive, and then sprinkle with pepper.

A salad made of broccoli will also be very useful. It is perfectly combined in taste with cucumbers, leeks, tomatoes and finely chopped greens. All these ingredients are crushed, seasoned with olive oil, salted. To enhance the taste, you can add the same pepper. In a similar salad there is a large amount of fiber.

If for someone broccoli is a wonder, then it makes sense to add it to the menu gradually. If the raw form of cabbage is not to taste, then it is recommended to lightly sip it with boiling water.

Boiled or cooked in baked broccoli is a very good option. Excellent it complements meat, fish. Not bad with her inflorescences come out sandwiches.

For maximum preservation of useful properties, this cabbage must be stewed, or steamed. The cooking time should not exceed six minutes, otherwise, it will lose more than half of all important substances and trace elements.

Experts do not advise cooking broccoli in a microwave - in it, cabbage will lose 85 percent of useful components.

Among the most affordable dishes from this plant is called cream soup. For him, you need to boil and grind in a blender broccoli with spinach, add to them one spoon of breadcrumbs, after diluting two tablespoons of starch.

After it, it's good to add three tablespoons of sour cream,( and maybe cream) and wait until it boils.

Serving this cream soup on the table, it can be improved with soy sauce, or lemon juice.

Despite the fact that this dish will not be strongly dietary, it contains the necessary number of vitamins, which is sufficient to maintain health.

What are the contraindications for broccoli?

This cabbage is suitable and useful to everyone, except for people suffering from gastritis, pancreatitis, ulcerous conditions of the gastrointestinal tract and bleeding in them.

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