Dislocated arms, dislocated arms in the child. Treatment and Smiptomatics

immobilization after hand dislocation One of the most common injuries experienced by trauma doctors is dislocation of the joint. Dislocation is the displacement of the joint surfaces in articular joints, or, more simply, the displacement of parts of the joint relative to each other. In more difficult cases, damage to the joint bag, nerve trunks and vessels can occur. Most often there are dislocations of the shoulder, hip, elbow and ankle joint.

It is possible to dislocate an arm or a leg during physical exertion when a strong mechanical pressure is applied to the joint. Usually it happens at home, in the gym, while relaxing in the fresh air, and, to hurt your hand you can completely unexpectedly for yourself.

The most common hand dislocation symptoms


  • 1 The most common symptoms of hand dislocation
  • 2 Dislocation of hands: treatment and first aid
  • 3 In what situations can a dislocation of the brush occur, what should I do in this case?
  • 4 What kind of danger can dislocation of a child's hand?

dislocated hands photo Symptoms of dislocation are almost always the same, regardless of which joint suffered. In order to make an accurate diagnosis, you should pay attention to some of the characteristic features:

  • - when the dislocation is severe enough pain, because of this, a person can not move the damaged area of ​​the body;
  • - the injured joint is deformed, which can be seen by comparing it with a similar healthy joint;
  • - if after the injury has passed the time, then we need to check whether there is edema at the site of the dislocation. In case of fracture, swelling is also observed, but not in the joint area, but next to the damaged bone;
  • - when the leg is dislocated, one limb becomes noticeably shorter than the other;
  • - if the shoulder is dislocated, the victim's pulse either slows down, and it can be difficult to determine or increase.

Circulation, with this type of injury, is often broken, so the lower part of the hand can lose sensitivity.

Hand Dislocation: Treatment and First Aid

Not many people know how to provide first aid for various injuries. Dislocation of the hand is no exception, so if you are not confident in your abilities, then refrain from any action. It is enough to provide first aid to the victim and call a doctor to him. The most important thing is to ensure the peace of the injured limb, fixing it in a suspended state. This can be done with the help of a "kerchief" bandage. It is very important that the hand does not change its position. When is dislocated , it should be lifted upwards, this helps to drain blood from injured tissues. In order to reduce pain, a cold compress can be applied to the damaged area.

If the victim has a dislocation of his hand, then his treatment with a doctor will consist of several stages. First, the patient will be given an X-ray to accurately diagnose. If the dislocation is confirmed, the doctor, under local anesthesia, will fix the damaged joint in place and impose a plaster or a tight bandage. After three or four weeks, the bandage is removed, and the patient is prescribed a course of therapeutic gymnastics.

In what situations can dislocate the brush, what should I do in this case?

dislocation of a brush photo

Very often, brush damage occurs when falling, when the entire weight of the body falls on an unbent or bent arm. Sometimes a direct blow to the area of ​​the wrist joint leads to a dislocation of the hand. The nature of the injury will depend on the position of the brush at the time of injury, and the direction of the forces that caused the injury. Dislocation of the brush, is often accompanied by fractures.

Victims complain of severe pain, swelling in the joint area, soreness when touching it. Movement with a brush is impossible or seriously limited. Sometimes there is a springing resistance to passive movement.

The injured person should be rushed to the emergency room, where the traumatologist can inject a fresh dislocation under anesthesia, a conductor or local anesthesia. After repositioning, the gypsum langeta is superimposed on the part of the patient's hand( from the fingers to the elbow joint).After two weeks, the position of the brush is changed and again fixed with a langette.

What danger does the dislodge from the child?

Injuries to the limbs, including dislocations of the hands, in children are not uncommon. If this happens, the child needs urgent medical assistance. However, before the victim is taken to the trauma center, the following actions must be taken:

- to ensure the immobility of the injured hand;

-fix it in a raised position to limit the flow of blood;

- apply a tight bandage;

- apply a cold compress to the injured hand. If ice is used for this purpose, then it must be wrapped in cloth.

After this, the baby should be taken to the hospital or call the doctors at home. Dislocation of the child is dangerous because the damaged joint becomes more vulnerable, and such a trauma can occur more than once. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the causes of the incident with the child, and take measures so that this does not happen again.