Exercises with weight loss for weight loss

Weight loss exercises

A slim and slender body can be obtained only by diligent training in gyms and supporting strict nutrition programs that do not prevent the deposition of fat cells. About diets have already been told a lot, their variety is such that everyone can choose for themselves exactly that diet that is closest to taste and "spirit."But about training for weight loss, they say, why is not enough.

Exercises with weight loss for weight loss will help you get rid of hated cellulite, tighten the body, reduce the volume of buttocks and waist.

But before you talk about the exercises themselves, you need to tell how to choose the right weight and how often you need to do the exercises. To begin with, you will need a weight not exceeding 3 kg, after which its weight should be gradually increased to 8 kg. Exercise should be done 5 to 6 times, provided that you no longer engage in any sport. Well, if you, for example, run or visit the pool, then the number of classes can be reduced to three times a week.

Exercises with weight loss for weight loss

Exercises with weights

So, at home you can perform the following exercises, the starting position is one, stand in the middle of the room, legs are shoulder width apart, back is straight.

  1. "Rotation".This exercise is a warm-up. Take the weight with both hands and start rotating it at the groin level in different directions. First in the right, then in the left, winding his hands behind his back. Repeat 5 - 6 times, then take a break in 30 - 40 seconds.
  2. "Squats".Take the weight with both hands and hold it at the chest level. Start slow squats. It is necessary to make 5 - 6 visits, then again a short break.
  3. This exercise is performed as follows. Legs slightly bend at the knees, and tilt the upper body slightly forward, while the back should be flat. Take the weight in your right hand and start slowly lifting it to the right side of the chest, then slowly lower your arm as well. Do this 5 - 6 times, then do the same manipulations with your left hand.

Exercises for weight loss with weight is very much. You can learn more about them from the following video: