Gastroschisis - the most common pathology of newborns

Modern American experts are sounding the alarm: every year the number of newborns with pathology of the abdominal wall or gastroschisis increases. This disease manifests itself several months after the birth of the baby in the light fallout of the abdominal cavity through a not overgrown umbilical opening. Gastroschisis requires an immediate surgical operation, during which the organs that fall out go inside. Typically, such interventions are fairly successful and not accompanied by serious side effects. The exact cause of the pathology is still unknown.

According to scientists from the University of South Florida, in recent years, a record number of congenital anomalies in newborn children, among which one of the first places is exactly gastroschisis. So in 1995, only one child out of 10 thousand appeared in the world with a similar pathology. After 10 years, in 2005 the number of infants diagnosed with gastroschisis increased twofold. Today, an anomaly of the development of the anterior abdominal wall is noted in 4 to 10 thousand American newborns.

In the course of some studies, specialists were able to identify factors predisposing to the birth of a child with gastroschisis. So, one of such factors is an early pregnancy. In women under the age of 20, the likelihood of having an infant with a similar abnormality of the abdominal wall is extremely high. In children whose mothers have reached 22-25 years of age, the disease is noted somewhat less frequently.

The occurrence of pathology in a child is also influenced by the nutrition of a woman during pregnancy, her emotional state, and the presence of certain chronic diseases. Strange as it may seem, the way of life and even the profession of the future father also play an important role in the occurrence of gastroschisis in his newborn child. So, the risk group includes children of photographers, artists, hairdressers. Less common are children with a congenital abnormality of the abdominal wall for male designers, firemen, painters. In addition, it was found that the parents of the creative professions the probability of the appearance of a child with deviations of various body systems is slightly higher than, for example, for office staff or for people engaged in manual labor.

Also, studies and observations of scientists have shown that factors such as skin color, race and nationality, play no role in the development of pathology.

To avoid the birth of a child with one or another deviation, the same experts advise pregnant women to take more care of their health and nutrition, avoid stress, avoid contacting toxic and harmful substances if possible.